Social Communications Directorate

Chairman: Bishop Denis Chidi Isizoh
Director: Padre Mike Umoh
Profile of this CSN Department...

The Directorate of Social Communications of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria:

  • Is the voice of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria.
  • Publishes the newsletter of the Catholic secretariat of Nigeria, the CSN News, which feeds diocesan newspapers and other organizations, local and foreign, with Church information.
  • Projects the image of the Catholic Church and Catholics through every legitimate medium.
  • Documents and reacts to matters concerning the Church and Catholics in the public media.
  • Takes responsibility for all publications in the name of the Catholic bishops' Conference of Nigeria and the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria.
  • Co-ordinates all communications activities of the dioceses and parishes of Nigeria, supports and facilitates them where necessary.
  • Ensures the functions and spiritual updating of all associations of Catholic practitioners of the media in all areas of endeavour: press, electronic, audiovisual, and the artistic world.
  • Organizes workshops/seminars and seeks out opportunities for funding, training and development for media practitioners of the Nigerian Church and the secular media especially those who are engaged in the day-to-day running of the dioceses' communication activities.
  • Maintains all contacts of the Nigeria Bishops' Conference with the foreign media and foreign media organizations.
  • Provides Catholic programs for Radio and Television in the country.

The Directorate also provides Color/Black & White Photography services, Creative video coverage and Contemporary audio recording/editing/studio facility.

Every Catholic has access to it for the cleanest and most reliable services, including .. .a touch of heaven.


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